Judy Kravis & Peter Morgan

long lilly

Collecting wild flowers was what you did when you were eleven in 1958, if you were a girl. If you were a boy it was likely to be stamps. The western world was rich in weeds in 1958. You couldn't find half of them now. Prints of JK's pressed flower collection, with introduction and portrait of JK aged eleven. With 30 tipped in laser prints.

60 pp, handsewn, 280 x 340mm, hbk, cloth cover, slipcase. Edition of one. A one-off book, 2007.



Peter Morgan

long lillyDaylilies, as their name suggests, flower for a day, but in quick succession, each flower drying and falling into a different, balletic, configuration. The photograms were made by exposing the dried flowers to light under the enlarger, in groups of one or two.

258 x 258mm unfolding to 830cm. 30 sliver bromide prints, 165 x 165mm. Handmade hbk book, marbled paper covers, ribbon tie. Edition of one. 2004



Judy Kravis & Peter Morgan

1bRimbaud's explosive inner life among the cryptic rocks of West Cork. Free translation of fragments from Rimbaud's poem 'Jeunesse' face painterly photographs of rocks beside an old copper mine.

 20pp, handsewn, 330 x 270mm, pbk, french flaps, tracing-paper endpapers, 10 giclee prints, slipcase. Edition of 3. A highway book, 2006



Judy Kravis & Peter Morgan

egypt2Handmade box, 530 x 655 mm, with Egyptian silk detailing on front, sides and internal pocket. In the manner of an Egyptian pyramid, the box contains 9 cibachrome prints, black window mounted, of collaged photographs and drawings, and, in the internal pocket, a clothbound, hardback book, printed white on black, like the stars.

The box opens out flat and reveals when empty a gold line drawing of pyramid and stars on black cloth framed with blue.

Hallo my friend! Welcome to where you are now.

Edition of one, 1995



Peter Morgan

highlightsA loose collection of 29 collages, black and white photographs, colour photographs and photograms, the highlights of several years' work.

Price on application